Data Loading System
PSI Loading
1. Zip the XML file and images into a zip file. *
2. Upload the zip file. **
3. Validate the file content, to make sure it's in correct format. ***
4. If the title has images, re-size the images to a standard size. ****
5. Load the uploaded titles *****
6. Go to check you work. ******

* About the FILE:
1. The XML file must in new DTD format
2. The XML File Name must equal to the Book#, which is the local-id in the XML file.
3. The ZIP File Name must same as the Book#.
4. If the Title has images, the image files must in a foleder named: media
5. If the Title is a Book, the file structure must as:
    For example: the Book# = C1234, the file structure will be like: (high-lighted is a Folder)

6. Sometimes, there are few "extra" files in the directory, i.e. xxxx.html, or xxxx.js, or other non-xml files. Please remove them before Zip.
7. Zip the whole structure into a zip file:  ( i.e. )
8. If is a Commentary; zip the XML file into
9. For PDF files: zip the PDF files to a zip file. Be sure the zip file size must < 20mb. Upload the zip file, and select the Type as "PDFs". Rest steps are same as other types.
After loaded the file, You need go indexing-site to enter the PDF file information. The PDF file will be accessable from the PSI site after you load them to the TEXTML.

** The upload process:
Though you can upload up to 10 files in a batch. But there's a Size Limit. The total upload size cannot over 20mb. If the zip file size is relativly big, please upload less files in a batch. This will avoid like "Timeout" type of problems.

*** Validate File
After the files been uploade, please carefully check the "contents". Make sure the Title info.are correct. And not missing any chapter/entry.

**** Resize Image
If the Title has images; don't forget resize the images.

***** Loading Data
If the file size too big, the loading process will take a while, or even get "Timed out". Please avoid upload too many big files in a single batch.
If you do get timed-out, please wait for 20~30 minutes. Then try again with less files.
If the Title has been loaded, the system will popup a message tell you "It has been loaded".
If you do want to Reload the Title; you need Remove the Title first, then you can load it again.

****** Final Checking
Please check the uploaded files right after the loading process. If notice any problem, you can remove the files immediately.

Error messages are highlighted in RED color. If you see any text in red, means something went wrong.

Any problems or suggestions; contact gem group or